Udin Blender Shaders

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This collection aims at providing creatives with the most advanced Blender materials, to achieve quality in a heartbeat. It removes complexity and nerdy knowledge to let you focus on the work that matters.


This collection is the result of hundreds of hours of work and learning from diverse professional visualization projects we did.
Each material is done with upmost attention to simulating real life light behavior. Relying exclusively on math allows to not be limited by the size of your texture or the amount of memory your GPU has.


All the materials are thought and built to work both with EEVEE and Cycles. Everything has been done to offer the best quality while maintaining high performances whatever the workflow you have.
The first version of the shader pack was built for Automotive design use. With this version, we broaden the horizon by adding more textile, plastics, and other materials which can also be used for product design, apparel design, etc...


Shading and texturing can be a rabbit hole of new stuff to learn in all directions. We learned those things for you and made sure that you can have an effortless time shading and texturing your designs. For instance, you don't need to unwrap UVs if you don't want to, we got it covered for you! You actually want to use your own UVs? Push the projection slider of the shader to 1 and you are good to go. Simple as that.


Whether you are a paid customer or a free user, you get access to all the math and the nodes we developed for this collection. The free version only contains one generic material of each shader, whereas the pro and team versions include 980+ materials derived from these shaders, ensuring a very efficient shading experience where most of your needs are already fulfilled through one of those materials.

Each material has dedicated icon, name, tags, to make it as clear and organized as possible.

The different shader families included are:

  • CARPAINT (pro version : 230 materials)
    • metallic
    • solid
    • matte
    • heavy flakes metallic
    • satin
    • liquid
    • pearl
    • iridescent
  • CARBON (pro version : 96 materials)
    • fiber glossy
    • fiber matte
    • forged
    • sanded
  • PLASTIC (pro version : 232 materials)
    • glossy
    • matte
    • rough
    • rubber
    • recycled
    • speckled
    • transparent glossy
    • transparent matte
    • light lens
  • METAL (pro version : 44 materials)
    • raw
    • brushed
    • bead blasted
    • casted
    • coated
    • anodized
    • anti-slip pattern
    • mesh hexagonal
    • mesh circular
    • mesh grid
    • fish scale pattern
  • TEXTILE (pro version : 360 materials)
    • alcantara
    • leather fine
    • leather perforated
    • leather grainy
    • plain weaved cotton
    • plain weaved synthetic
    • twill weaved cotton
    • twill weaved synthetic
  • MISCELLANEOUS (pro version : 11 materials)
    • LCD screen
    • LED screen
    • reflectors
    • light elements
    • draft angle checker
    • UV checker


We packed the materials into a simple addon.

To install it, just go to Edit > Preferences > Add-Ons > Install (top right corner)
Pick the .zip file you downloaded from here, and click Install

Next step is just to go to the Asset Manager in your editor and pick the UDIN catalog and Voila, you are ready to shade!

Here is an overview of the collection:


Why do the materials look black or just wrong on only certain objects?

  • You most probably have normals that are flipped. Check them and flip them back in the correct direction if needed

Why is the scale completely wrong on some textures?

  • Your object scale may be incorrect. To avoid using UVs, we rely on some of the object's core variables like scale. Scale can easily be affected by imports or just modeling workflows, don't hesitate to press CTRL + A to apply the scale. Otherwise, you can always tweak the scale of the material in it's properties to match your needs

Some colors don't really match the icon of the shader, why is that?

  • There is a lot that can influence the way shaders look. One reason could be the color management. If you use AGX, you probably want to add a tonemap node in the compositor and play with the contrast of it a bit. Other reasons could be your lighting setup, your environment, the gamma/exposure, and the compositing you added.

Why do I need to pay?

  • You don't! And we want to make sure that not having means doesn't limit you creatively. The free version doesn't suffer from any restriction, it just doesn't have the same amount of hours we spend hand-picking and testing the materials of the pro versions, and in that sense doesn't have the 900+ variations. We put a lot of time and effort in this shader collection and believe that the value it brings far exceeds the price, and if you feel the same way and want to buy it, great! If not, it doesn't matter, we will still put the same effort in making the best collection we can for you! :)

Is this related in any way to Odi's automotive procedural shaders?

  • Yes! Odi here. Esa and I created Udin and as we needed shaders for our work, and since I never stopped developing the first version, we decided to give a push and to release the latest and greatest materials we had so far! This should be far better than the version 1.0 in every way possible!

Who actually uses that?

  • Mainly designers, but also enthusiasts, blender nerds, car companies, architects, etc.... more that 2500 people are using the first version of the shaders, and you can find it in most car design studio in the world by now.
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Udin Blender Shaders

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